Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Tour: Cover Artist Michelle Monique

Hey guys, so I'm here today showcasing some of the amazing work done by cover artist, Michelle Monique. For those of you who don't know who Michelle is, she is the talent behind the cover of Mayfair Moon and Kindred by J.A. Redmerski,
Don't those look amazing? I love the color use on the two books. While Mayfair Moon is darker and a bit more mysterious, Kindred uses warmer colors giving it a... well for the lack of a better word a hotter look. Michelle definitely did an amazing job expressing the book on the covers. I mean looks at the male model's hands turning into claws.. How cool is that?

She also did the cover for Rift, a Nightshade prequal, by Andrea Cremer, Unleashed by Nancy Holder and Debby Viguie and Kednrick and Sara of Draconia by K.T. Tran.

This cover creeps me out( in a good way of course).. I mean it has that creepy cool feel to it. The dark coloring again the girl looks almost in a trance? No? Well her facial expression is hard to pin-point. However, do you know what not hard to pin-point? The giant moon in the background which will have me betting fifty dollars that this is a werewolf book. 

So I love how fierce this cover looks. I mean the models face not only looks flawless but there is a determination to her expression. I love the weapon used and the glint it has. Again another drop-dead gorgeous cover.

 This cover is just plain awesome. I mean all the different colors in the clouds look great. Also I haven't read the book but I'm going to guess and say that the tattoo has something to do with the story of the book. Am I right? :)

Besides doing some amazing book covers Michelle has some amazing photography posted on her site. Check out some of them, these pictures are beautiful.
Love her dress..
Is it just me or does this girl look exactly like Lili from Tekken.
They are so cute together.
I got to admit the whole wittchy-voodoo look works for this girl.
This is definitely spine chilling, but it's still cool . Also I have a question how is it that every single one of the dresses is gorgeous, I mean sure this one is a bit... bloody.. but it's still so pretty.
EONA!!!! If any of you ever read Eon then you know what I'm talking about. Well minus the hair, although I like the hair.

What do you think, Greek Godess or some sort of Forest Spirit?


  1. I love all of these pieces! It's so easy to create a whole new story in my head just looking at them, LOL.

  2. Awesome post! I love everything about Michelle's book cover designs. Wish I could have one for my novels. But wait! I do believe she is designing one for my re-released Lost Immortals novel too. LoL Thx for the grea post.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked my post and I'm so happy for your new cover :)

  3. So awesome! I love that you were able to tie Eona into that. Its such a great book! I do believe you're right about the last one too...I think of Artemis instantly!


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