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One's True Love by Lindsey Owens

Title:One's True Love
Author: Lindsey Owens
Published: July 25, 2012
Number of Pages: 292
Blurb from Goodreads: Kailee's life is perfect until a few weeks before her birthday when her parents announce she and only she is moving. Not only is Kailee moving but they also tell her she is getting married. To make everything worse the man is a stranger in a strange city on the other side of the country. Will Kailee be able to cope with being so far away from her friends and family that she loves so dear. What will happen if Kailee falls in love with the man she must marry. He is mysterious and alluring to Kailee but will she still want him when she finds out, him and his family are hiding secrets. The secrets that may change Kailee's life forever.

Review: That blurb is completely misleading. She finds out his secret in like the first few chapters of the book and it wasn't even  that hard I mean probably as soon as you meet the family and she sees the giant wolf you could have figured it out. Anyway when someone finally tells her the truth about what they are  she  laughs and then attempts to run away  and then pretty much she never even brings it up again. So yeah besides a misleading blurb I have a love/hate relationship with this book and the more I think about it the more I start to dislike this book. Okay so first of all, when Kailee finds out that she has to leave school and go marry some random person she really didn't react the way she should have. I mean she didn't even argue, like I don't know about you but if somebody tells me I'm going to get married to a random guy and I'm not even eighteen yet, I'm throw a fit so big that it's going to make the Big Bang look like child play in comparison. 
   Okay so the next thing that annoyed me wad Trent. I thought I was going to like him at first I mean in the beginning he was funny, and flirtatious and hot but yeah it kind of went downhill from there. I mean this guy ugh I have no words to describe him. I get it he's a wolf but really you needed to make him that dominant? I mean who doesn't love a dominant and possessive guy but with Trent it was just annoying.  As soon as they meet he doesn't even give her space. She's his mate I get it, but she has no idea who he is and like eight hours ago her parents told her she's moving and getting married. So yeah he annoyed me and he had some serious identity issues.  This guy went from macho-man alpha towards her  to a weak hurt rejected boy in a matter of minuted. First he's all dominant then he is all weak and hurt and begging her. He was also really pushy. I know the wolf needs his mate and all but this guy so needs to control himself. 
  The relationship was I guess the bright part of this novel,but then again not really. It was way to fast paced. She went from hating his guts do wanting to seal the deal in a matter of days. Also I don't get Kailee. In like the first two pages she tells us she has no interest in guys at her school and then when she meets Trent she's all shy and goody two shoes. Fast forward twelve hours she still doesn't like but she doesn't mind him seeing her change.  There were scenes where Kai and Trent were all cute couple and there were scenes when he was really sweet and actually pretty amazing but it was juts the way the characters were build I couldn't get a solid understanding of who the characters where. The scene I actually liked in this novel was when they were wolves. It was kind of cute to see wolves interact and play. Except then Trent would do something stupid towards the really scared Kailee wolf and I wanted to turn into a wolf and do something like this:
Honestly with Kailee and Trent I wanted to slap some common sense into both of them for most of the novel.

Yeah this book actually made me turn to violence and gifs.
  The plot....what plot? I'm sorry but there was no plot. Its like pathetically  try and miserably fail to escape three times in like a matter of fifteen pages, then find out the whole family is made of werewolves, then plan wedding and deal with a mean cheerleader at school, then well then  an issue comes up  that's not even an issue because everybody wanted it to happen, so I guess good issue? but my complain with this was that the dates didn't match up, anyway then we have the wedding which is interrupted for 30 seconds by mean cheerleader, then we have honeymoon. Then flash forward sixteen years and leave the book off with a terrible cliffhanger. I mean are you for real?

I have nothing else to say. I guess if you like werewolves and romance you won't want to rip your hair out while reading this book. This book could have been really good but the character development and the carry out was faulty.

 Soooo and  since it actually hurts me to give a low rating I'm going to be nice , so this book 

P.S. Besides my review Lindsey Owens is a very nice person who actually e-mailed me that she liked my review, which is amazing to say the least. 


  1. When is there going to be another book to the series? How many books are there in the series?

    1. There should be a second book in the series considering this is book one of the Wolves series. I'm not sure when the second book is due to come out. There isn't a goodreads page for it. I'm also not sure how many books there are going to be in total but I would guess a few considering there are a lot of characters that could be followed up. Hope I helped and thanks for checking out my blog :)


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