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To Wed the Fae Prince by V. Vervain

Title: To Wed  the Fae Prince
Author: V. Vervain
Published:  August 4, 2012 by VVervain
Number of Pages: 103

Blurb from Goodreads: Etta Cooper has been promised to marry the Prince of the Faeries since before she was born. A move from her mundane life and family take her into the enchanted Faeryland where she is promised to the handsome Bronn, eldest prince of the Fae King, but when Bronn decides he doesn't want her she is betrothed to his elegant, introspective, and... sullen younger brother Farron. Farron is a human hater. Trapped in this lush, beautiful world of faery Etta longs to escape until she begins to spend time with Farron, and their conversations slowly chip away at the frosty, superior mask he wears. Perhaps, just perhaps Farron is exactly the challenge she's been looking for...

Recommended for ages 16 and up due to mature content.

Review:  So this was pretty good for a book that short. The characters were believable. I liked Farron, at first I thought he was going to be one of those sullen, mysterious heroes but that wasn't him at all and he really did care about Etta. He was hurt when she though that he was upset about marrying her and that he didn't want her as his wife. He really did love the girl and the things he would do were pretty sweet and taking her to see her parents he was pretty swoon worthy and well hot. There is a reason this book is 16 and over and I am 16 so believe me when I say  this book definitely needs to be 16  and over. 
    Etta was pretty cool but I felt like she was a little slow at times. It took her a while to get some things that Farron was doing and I kind of had to as if she was serious or not. She isn't annoying and she does try and make it work with Farron even in the beginning when she thought he hated humans.
   The plot wasn't spectacular there were certain things that surprised me but I think this novel is more about the romance between Farron and Etta.

  I give this book 

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