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Shift (Shift 1) by Elle Beauregard

Title: Shift ( Shift 1)
Author: Elle Beauregard
Published: April 16, 2012
Number of Pages: 250

Blurb from Goodreads: When Leah’s inability to control her new-found skill nearly sends her into a full blown shifter-tantrum in front of the entire high school, even she has to admit that the last week of school is no place for a new shape-shifter. 
Keeping her new, unpredictable shape-shifting skills a secret is paramount, so Leah agrees to spend her summer vacation with her eccentric Aunt Cecelia, a fellow shifter who lives in the deserts outside Tubac, Arizona. Begrudgingly at first, Leah learns what it means to be a shifter, discovering that, in nature, her kind is not as rare as she first thought. While coming to terms with her new identity and learning to control her skills, she meets the son of her Aunt Cecelia’s life-long friends. But Drake King is different from other boys, and not just because he is a shifter. When cornered by a pack of wild dogs one night in the unfamiliar desert, Drake reveals an additional, extraordinary gift that saves Leah’s life. 
Amidst rumors of rogue shifters who have broken their oath and revealed themselves to the public—threatening the tenuous new life Leah has just begun to love—she and Drake embark upon a journey that will redefine them as individuals and forever solidify them as a pair.

Review:  This was so not your typical shifter book. In Shift, people who are shifters can change their appearance and be pretty much anybody they want to be. I mean this is an ability I would want, don't get me wrong shifting into animals is cool and all but this was completely different and it was a breath of fresh air.
       At the beginning of the book I though that Leah was going to annoy me. She was a stubborn, confused, angst -ridden teenager. Luckily, that only lasted a few chapters and the author turned her into a pretty cool character who loves and is proud of what she is. Leah was a good friend even if her friend wasn't always a good friend toward her especially after she finds out that Leah is a shifter. 
      Drake was pretty cool. I mean he wasn't the most swoon worthy guy but he was still pretty great.I loved him because of the little things he would do for Leah and how he would call her Lee-Lee, that was pretty cute.
  Their relationship was great. It wasn't fast paced or anything but I wish I knew what their bond was. It's like the elephant in the room. Nobody ever explains what it is, and if you want to go there nobody really ever confirms its even something. Well except for maybe Aunt Cici who vaguely mentions the possibility of a bond, other than that I have no clue what the bondy thingy between them is.
   The plot was slow and there really wasn't any nail biting, edge of your seat action. I would say this is more of a mystery and I think there is going to be a lot more going on the next book. 
  The ending was abrupt and rushed but like I said before it definitely sets up for the next book. Overall I liked this book it was definitely totally different from other shifter books and if you enjoy a good paranormal romance then this book is worth checking out.

   I think this book deserves

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