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What the Heart Wants by Kelli McCracken

Title: What the Heart Wants
Author:Kelli McCracken
Published November 26th 2011 by Twin Flames Press

Blurb from Goodreads: Do dreams foretell the future? Are there soul connections that go deeper than love?

He can sense her emotions at any place and time. Their bond is powerful but a mystery. One thing he does know: She's plagued his dreams for months. Maybe even longer.

Being involved with a celebrity is the last things she imagined...or wanted. Can she forget the pain from the past? Can he let go of his fears?

Review:  So I guess I'm a little biased when I say this book is amazing because I love soul-mates. It's absolutely my favorite think to read about. However, thinking about it, I have to say that even if you aren't a die-hard fan for soul-mates you will still find this book great.
       Dylan is a rockstar and he has been dreaming of a girl that he calls his angel, but he pretty much convinced himself that she can't be real. Heaven has been dreaming of a boy with espresso eyes and dark hair, but she's convinced he doesn't exist. However, this changes for both of them when Heaven is the maid of honor at her best friends wedding and Dylan is the best man. Dylan knows right away that Heaven is his angel, but Heaven, never actually seeing the face of the boy in her dreams, feels an undeniable pull towards Dylan.  Dylan starts pursuing Heaven, but she can't be sure if he is actually interested or is he doing simply because he wants one thing and it's not her heart. Will she realize her love for him? Will Dylan be able to convince her they are meant to be?
   So I totally loves the characters.  Even though Dylan is a rockstar, he acts nothing like one. He didn't even date because he was looking for the right girl. He is caring and sweet and well hot and well he isn't perfect. There are parts written from his perspective and what goes through his head makes him really easy to relate to and makes him appear human. He is also super protective of Heaven which is really sweet. 
  Heaven is an amazing character. She is helpful and smart and kind and she faced some pretty tough situations with her crazy stalker ex-boyfriend. She doesn't jump straight into a relationship, but when she does she is dedicated and just the perfect girlfriend. She isn't one of those heroines that you want to slap because they are so stupid. She also isn't  stubborn to the point  where you want to reach into the book and give her a good push and a slap across the face for being so stubborn. She is really good towards her sisters and is used to taking the back seat to let her sister Faith get the attention, which is why she is a little shy with all the attention she gets from Dylan in the beginning.
  The plot wasn't anything extraordinary, don't get me wrong it was really good but the romance and the relationship between Heaven and Dylan really makes the book. So the plot has the typical dealing with paparazzi, dating a celebrity, getting rid of a guy you don't like...oh and finding your boyfriend is the guy you have been dreaming about since birth.
  So yeah the plot was kind predictable but the romance was literally to die for, so if soul-mates is your type of thing definitely check out this book.

     Anyway this book gets

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