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The Understorey by Amelie Fisher

Title: The Understorey
Author: Amelie Fisher
Published: April 17,2011
Number of Pages: 336

Blurb from Goodreads:  “Let’s start this place on nonexistent fire.” 

“Promise.” She sucked in an excited breath. 

We closed our eyes and I placed my feverish mouth to hers. Immediately, violent, zealous flashes of shimmering flames climbed to the furthest point, trailed like rain down the pitched ceiling and spilled down the walls, gathering at their feet, pools of fervent, bubbling, silvery liquid electricity, before evaporating into nothing.

Elliott Gray is incomplete, scrambling through the dark on his hands and knees, blindly feeling for the switch it would take to bring the peace he's forever been searching for. 

Julia Jacobs is unhappy, missing a noticeable piece of her soul, a naked canvas with vivid paints at her disposal but no brush to assemble the vision.

At a young age, courtesy of an unknowing Elliott Gray, Julia tastes the burn of heartache and since then, has silently vowed to her heart that it would never be susceptible to such pain again but when Julia and Elliott discover they share a supernatural connection that's never been revealed before, Elliott makes it his life's goal to convince her they are fated. He knows, if she only gave him but one chance to prove himself, she would not be afraid but when Elliott's best friend Jesse Thomas turns out to be much more than meets the eye, it's all Elliott can do to hold on to his new love, while attempting to survive an enormous threat on their future.

Review: When I saw this book about eight months ago I just had to have it, so I devoured it in a day and was completely in love with it.Since I was really bored yesterday and didn't have a new book I decided to re-read it again. I think reading it the second time made me love it even more. This book has everything that makes a book great. I loves every aspect of it. It was so sweet and yet so terrifying, I was actually scared while reading this book, I don't want to give away any spoilers but the reason this book is so scary is because the conflict could easily happen in real life and it does happen to some very unfortunate people. So reading about it just gave me shivers. 
  The characters were amazing. Elliot was the perfect boyfriend. It was actually really cool reading from his perceptive.  He loved Jules so much and I love the fact that he wouldn't do anything to her that he wouldn't want to be done to his daughter. He has such amazing manners and he was just such a gentleman that you would have to be missing a heart not to fall for this guy. He is the perfect example of what a boyfriend should be and how a boyfriend should act.  Yeah he kind of made me swoon ;)
  Julia is an outsider. She dresses different and thinks different and I really liked how she didn't try and make people like her. She was kind and smart and she was a really great girlfriend towards Elliot. She was at all his games even though people in school disliked her. She was brave and well she was at times a little impulsive but it made me love her so much.
  The plot. OH.MY.GOD. The plot was amazing. This was not the book that only focused on romance. Even thought there was plenty of amazing romance. The plot was rich and so unpredictable and as I mentioned earlier spine chilling. I mean this book actually made me lock my windows and that says a lot since my room is on a second floor and I have those  weird windows that open sideways. Yeah nobody could ever climb in my window but trust me you'll be locking your windows too after reading this book. It was so intense and scary and just I don't even know how to describe but this is one of those books where the conflict is so real that you can't but apply it to your life.
  The only paranormal aspect of this book was the fact that Elliot and Jules felt an electric current when they touched everything else was very real and I said before very scary.
  This is definitely a book to check out if you enjoy romance with some creepy elements that leave you kind of scared.

   So this book gets

P.S. This book has one of the most amazing book trailers I ever saw. Check it out here: 

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