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The Binding L.Filloon

Title: The Binding
Author: L. Filloon
Published: December 11,2011
Number of Pages: 279

 Blurb from Goodreads: Two nights after her eighteenth birthday, Lily is attacked while out jogging, but is saved by Tharin Lunar, a Sidhe prince. When she discovers that her attacker is her own brother, Lucas, who disappeared four years ago, Lily refuses to believe that her brother would truly hurt her and becomes determined to find Lucas and bring him home. Lily finds that Lucas’ disappearance is somehow tied to Tharin; so when he informs her that she is his betrothed and must return with him to Velesi, fulfill a treaty between their families and unite the two strongest clans through their marriage, Lily agrees. However, she’s not going to Velesi for a wedding, but to bring home her only family, Lucas.

On their journey to the borders of Velesi, the realm of the Thirteen Clans, they’re pursued by a Sidhe assassin group call the Ange, meet with an ogre crime lord that ends badly, deal with a sleazy troll motel manager, and when they discover that there’s a bounty on their heads, they must keep one step ahead of every assassin, bounty hunter and low-life criminal in Velesi.

Protecting Lily has become the biggest challenge of Tharin’s life. Lucky for him he has help in the form of his twin brother, Tolan, Lily’s best friend Julia and his three bodyguard cousins.

  This book is a little different from what I usually read but someone who likes very similar books that I do recommended this to me and well I just had to read it. I really loved this book. It's so different from the typical YA plot that I finished this book in one sitting staying up until 4 AM to finish it.( I didn't even regret it the next morning when i had to get up.. okay well maybe a little) but anyway this book is amazing in so many ways.
   We have princess who doesn't know  that she is a princess or that shes betrothed and has to travel to another realm with her betrothed, who may and may not hate her, but nevertheless always protects her to marry and stop a war from breaking out, after her brother, who she thought was dead tried to kill her. Sounds confusing right? Well it's totally great!! I loved so many aspects of this book: First and foremost I love fantasy and this book is filled with it. I mean we got vulcans... Oh! Sorry Thorin I meant Sidhe, :) ogres(who apparently make good gangsters.)  Very knowledgeable tree spirits and well a bunch of other spirits. 
   This brings me to  Lily -the main character- who I really liked. Lily didn't really know anything about her ancestry but she catches on really quick and becomes an amazing character. She really was a strong character who stood up for those she was loyal to, and speaking of loyal I love her best friend Julie. I mean that girl is like is the friend that everyone wishes they had. . I really really loved her. And then there is a whole situation with her and Tolin but you'll just have to read to find out what that is but let me tell you it's pretty cute and funny.
     And this again brings us to Thorin, who frankly for most of the book confused the bejesus out of me. It was like I wanted to slap him when reading Lily's perspective but then I really really wanted to hug him when I got his perspective. By the way the whole switching perspectives thing was very original I mean I love reading from male pov and this really gave me more insight into the situation and let me appreciate both Lily and Thorin more. The only reason this isn't a five star is because Lily and Thorins relationship was weird. If they just and admitted their feelings things would be so much simpler instead they cause trouble for themselves by not talking. However, I still highly recommend this book if you love fantasy as its totally amazing . So it gets four hearts.   

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