Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soul Kissed by Courtney Cole

Title:Soul Kissed
Author: Courtney Cole
Published:January 3,2012 by Lakehouse Press
Number of Pages: 282

Blurb from Goodreads: Question: When your mother is a powerful witch and your father is a soul-sucking vampire, what does that make you? 
Answer: Cursed. 

With all the beauty and charm of a Siren, but cursed as a blood-sucking succubus, Empusa longs for love and a normal life. Neither of these can ever be hers, because the only thing she brings to anyone she loves is death. 

Em lingers in the mortal world, hiding from her father and existing in a lonely life. Until she meets Brennan. With golden hair and a radiant smile, he captures her heart and awakens it from slumber. 

But Brennan is more than he seems. And in a relationship where life itself hangs in the balance, is love ever really enough?
Review: I have a soft spot for soul-mates so this book was perfect for me. We have Empusa who is the perfect heroine. She is smart, reserved and makes her own decisions.  She also knows how to handle people and well Greek gods. She doesn't let her mouth get her in trouble and she definitely isn't impulsive. She was a breath of fresh air. She wasn't the heroine that mopes around and waits for the male hero do to anything. Here the roles are reserved. The male hero has no idea who he is or the power he possesses. so its up to Empusa to teach him. It was amazing not having the normal girl meets mysterious boy and finds out she's not a normal girl so I give Courtney Cole props for that.
   Brennan... even though he was totally unrealistic and wasn't even   shocked to find out that Empusa is a demi-god , he was totally amazing. I mean he is the sweetest book boy I have seen in YA in a while. He is caring and he really believes that his and Empusa's relationship can actually work. So in short he wasn't the typical I want you but we shouldn't be together kind of hero.
  Which brings me to the plot, which was definitely the best part of the book. I mean it really was different. Everything that happened was so surprising. I really had no idea what was going to happen next and the book kept me on the edge. This book is great beginning to a great series. Oh by the way I love how the gods were portrayed. It was actually realistic. They were fair but they could be cruel and they let things happen simply because they were alive for so long that they're just bored. So awesome book the only complaint  have  which really isn't even a complaint is that the pace at which Empusa's and Brennan's relationship moved was ridiculously fast, even though there was a reason for it.
   Okay so this book gets  four and a half hearts :)

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