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Arctic Winds( Alpine Woods Shifters,1) by Sondrae Bennett

Title: Arctic Winds( Alpine Woods Shifters,1)
Author: Sondrae Bennett
Published:January 17, 2011 by Lyrical Press
Number of Pages: 86

Blurb from Goodreads:Nothing will stop a wolf once he’s found his mate…not even her own doubts.

After her skulk abandoned her four years ago, Samantha knew she would never truly be wanted. When she accidentally stumbles into a wolf town and is asked by their premier to stay, she believes it’s the novelty of an arctic fox motivating him. She knows she’ll be on her own again once he tires of her.

Jason finds himself pulled to Samantha from the moment she faints in his arms. His wolf is calling to him, telling him he’s found their mate and the heat he feels for Samantha is impossible to resist. But his little fox is loaded down with emotional baggage and doesn’t believe she’s worthy of love. Can he overcome her fears? Or will pack jealousies and the local faxes convince her she doesn’t belong with him before he has a chance?

Review:  This was an incredibly sweet love story revolving around a sexy Alpha and a shy but stubborn fox. So I have to admit the whole mate things is my dirty indulgence and I love how the concept was carried out in this novella. It was a very short read but the reader wasn't left lacking and the story paced nicely though I do wish I could have gotten more of Samantha and Jason.

     Speaking of Jason, where does a girl need to get to herself one of these? Okay so in a way he was your typical werewolf. You know bossy, stubborn, possessive, pick up your jaw from the floor sexy... whaat? However, he was also incredibly understanding ans sweet and I loved how the relationship between Samantha and him developed.
    I loved Samantha as a heroine, but I wanted to strangle the girl at several points in the book. She was smart but she was so stubborn and determined on something that was so off... and I'm not big on spoilers so I'm not telling but this girl. Like really open your eyes and see the truth. Anyway the mini rant aside, this was an easy, short read that leaves you with that happy light and tingly feeling.
    I give this novella

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