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A Wolf's Duty ( Love Bites 1) by Jennifer T. Alli

Title: A Wolf's Duty ( Love Bites 1)
Author: Jennifer T. Alli
Published: December 13,2010
Number of Pages: 322

Blurb from Goodreads:It isn’t everyday that a werewolf finds their mate but after two hundred years of waiting Tobias is more than willing to overlook Alexandria’s humanity and bring her into a world she never knew existed. 

Eager to escape her father’s brutal fists, Alex lets her instant connection to Tobias overcome her natural reserve but she quickly finds his world is no less dangerous than the one she left behind. 

As secrets come to light revealing how extraordinarily different Alex truly is, will their love survive or will his duty and her differences keep them apart? 

“Not now,” she muttered to herself, eyes still trained on the wolf in case it began to move again. “Come on legs work for God’s sake! I need to get out of here before wolfie over there decides he’s hungry or the crazy psycho wakes up and tries to kill me again.” 

Leaning against the wall and holding it for support, Alex managed to make it to her feet, closing her eyes as she sighed in relief. 'Life isn’t bad enough with Fred as a father, I have to make my university explode with foliage, be attacked by a raving lunatic and saved by a wolf. I’ve had enough excitement for a lifetime, I’m done, I’m getting out of here and then –'

Her line of thought was cut short as she opened her eyes to find the body of her saviour wolf transforming into something else.

Seconds passed before a man stood in place of the wolf and an inane thought floated through her mind in the face of his transformation. He’s wearing clothes; I would have thought he’d be naked. She blushed at the thought. The man smiled as he began to approach her and all thought fled as her eyes rolled back and her mind went blissfully blank, the stresses of the day apparently having taken their toll.

Review: I've been craving a werewolf book for a while. They always heave the perfect Alpha male lead. It's also interesting to see how each author goes about doing the whole inner wolf thing. Jennifer Alli did a pretty amazing job doing the man wolf interaction and that was probably my favorite part. Hearing Tobias talk to his wolf was hilarious.This guys wolf had a sense of humor, and I was always looking forward to the next time his wolf decided to come about.
    Alexandra or Xandria as Tobias liked to call her was a sweet heroine. She was a little too naive for her own good but she wanted to help people and wanted Tobias to always be able to see reason. Her life was pretty miserable, in the beginning of the book I just wanted to reach out and give the girl a hug. She had to put up with being severely abused by Fred, her life at the university wasn't much better. She was actually pretty positive for a girl dealing with that much stress. She didn't mope around.
    Tobias... I love this guy so much he gets his own paragraph. Heck, it's a good thing I didn't write the entire review about him. He was a werewolf and a king at that, and a king werewolf who waited 200 years for his mate. Basically that makes him protective cubed. But I liked that side of him. He wanted to kill anyone who harmed his mate. His love for her was adorable and I love that he always put her first. Also he was hot and his dialogue had me swooning. So yeah this guy won me over and he'll win you over too. Oh and his scenes with Xandria? To die for they were so hot!!!
    The plot was a little slow, but think it allowed their relationship to develop better. There were a few things I didn't get like why did Xandria's mom stay with Fred? Especially if she had all that money? She could have easily left him and lived a happy life with Xandria. There were a few small plot holes but nothing terrible or really even annoying.
     I give this steamy werewolf read

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