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Touching Smoke ( Touch 1) by Airicka Phoenix

Title: Touching Smoke ( Touch, 1)
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Published: July  31st 2012 by Treasureline Publishing
Number of Pages: 320

Blurb from Goodreads:For sixteen-year-old FALLON BRAEDEN being on the run had been the easiest part of her life. Packing up and crossing whole cities on a split second decision had been tedious, having no friends and being alone had been painful, but being caught by the truth was something she learned too late was worse.

Fallon is a weapon. She was created to destroy. Keeping her alive, keeping her safe is all Isaiah knows. It’s all that matters, because Fallon is his. She belongs to him. She is a part of his body, his soul, his heart. He will do anything, kill anyone to keep her, even if it means sacrificing himself.

But can Fallon believe the stranger on the motorcycle claiming he was there to die for her? How do you trust when you have no one but the memories of a girl you’ve never met and a tall, dark, gorgeous boy that you feel pulsing deep in your soul? What do you do when you’ve been lied to your whole life? When you’re told you’re normal even though nothing about you is normal? Fallon must learn quickly just what she is before the evil chasing her finally gets what it wants… her blood.

The world depends on her not falling in love, not giving in. But what happens when the temptation becomes too great, when falling is her only option? Can she live knowing the world will burn because his touch is the only thing keeping her alive?

Touch Passion. Touch Power. Touch Smoke!

Review: Where to start with this book? It kept me up all night trying to finish it. I just had to know where this story went because honestly I have no clue. the author was throwing things at the reader the entire time and this book just rocked.
   Fallon. I have to admit I didn't think I was going to like her first, but she grew to be such an amazing, loyal and protective character that I couldn't help by really grow to like her. She faced a lot in her life and in my opinion she handled it very well and became a character that had some backbone and was willing to make sacrifices to achieve something.
Isaiah.... man oh man where can I get me one of him?!? I mean for real lemme have him. He was amazing, and sweet and protective and c'mon let's face he was so hot he was making the sun jealous.  I loved his relationship with Fallon even if it was insta-lovish.
   As for the relationship, yes it was insta-love in a way, but it was classy and the insta-love has a reason a very good reason so I approve.
    Also I dare you to guess what type of paranormal creatures we're dealing in this book, because you won't. It's not angels, or vampires, or werewolves, or shifters or whatever paranormal creature you can think up. This is so entirely new that when all is revealed it blew me away. 
   The bad guy... ugh he was bad. That's all I'm saying. 
      Either way pick up this book, if you're into paranormal you won't want to miss this.

  I give this swooning read 

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