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Destiny (Destiny 1) by Deborah Ann

Title: Destiny (Destiny 1)
Author: Deborah Ann
Published: November 2012, by Destiny Publishing-Hester
Number of Pages: 505

Blurb from Goodreads:Danielle Kennedy is not one to believe in fairy tale love or destiny holding a plan for the future, nor does she believe in mythical legends, vampires, or spirits... 

At sixteen, athletic, honor student Danielle has her life planned out: study hard, play soccer even harder, and slide through high school under the radar. It was a good plan, a solid plan, one that’s worked so far; until Cayden Bridwell—the longtime shy and brainy classmate she has ignored—rides in on his motorcycle and obliterates her plans. Now, life as Danielle knows it, will never be the same. 

Wealthy Cayden—only recently coming into his own and learning the shocking truth, that as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, he is the chosen one, gifted with powers—has shyly stood back and watched unassuming and unsuspecting Danielle, grow into the beautiful girl she is, knowing all along of their destiny to be together, and waiting for the time to be right. After his rapid growth spurt and realizing his full powers and strength, that time is now! Cayden is intent on winning her heart. 

But the euphoria of their intoxicating attraction is soon shadowed by despair; neither are prepared for the danger that will ensue, the lives that will be at risk, or the secrets they will be forced to keep, when they discover that destiny’s gifts come with a curse, opening their world to nightmares that become reality and mythical legends that become real, with immortal beings seeking to sway Cayden to the dark side to steal his eternal soul and powers—including Danielle, as his destined soul mate… 

Review: I have a love hate relationship with this.  There are so many things I loved  that were just great about this novel and then other things infuriated me to no end.
   I'll  start with the things I loved. The concept and premise. This was so different from any other paranormal romance there that going into it I really didn't know where the author was going to take that. The whole seventh son of the seventh son concept is great and you really don't see it to much out there.
   I liked our main characters. Dani and Cayden were smart and knew what they wanted and they were in general likable characters. Cayden was sweet. He had the boy next door vibe and that really worked for him. Dani was determined and even though she wasn't one hundred percent rational at times she was likable despite being stubborn.
    Okay so now here's what drove me insane. The romance. I can't believe I'm saying this. I am like the biggest romance, true-love, soul mate geek out there but the romance was both the best part of the novel and the most infuriating. It was amazing because they really do care for each other so much and their love is pure and all that but it annoyed me because they were so codependent. It's okay to love someone so much that you feel like maybe you're missing something when they're not there  but this is taking it to the extreme. They go on talking about how they miss each other while they were separated for at most five minutes. It was an extremely codependent relationship with Dani always going on about how she needs him and she basically ignored everyone when she was with him. It was cute at first but towards the end of the novel it kind of had me rolling my eyes.
    So this book leaves me puzzled. The concept was great but there wasn't all that much plot development in the novel and the romance was cute but it really pushed some buttons.

   So I give this novel 

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