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Cornerstone( Souls of the Stone 1) by Kelly Walker

Title:Cornerstone (Souls of the Stone 1)
Author: Kelly Walker
Published:October 22, 2012 by Kelly Walker
Number of Pages: 344

Blurb from Goodreads:Emariya's life was nearly over before it started. Hidden under the floorboards while her mother died above her, she escaped a brutal death then—only to go racing toward it now, sixteen years later.

After learning her father has been captured, Emariya is desperate to save him, no matter who she has to turn to for help. Oblivious to her potential gifts and the secrets surrounding her dual heritage, Emariya makes a bargain with the prince of a rival land, Torian Ahlen. In exchange for her hand in marriage, he agrees to send his forces to rescue her father. With the arrangements made, Emariya embarks on a tumultuous journey through two kingdoms as different from each other as the families that rule them.

Before long, Emariya comes face to face with her mother's killers, and learns of an ominous prophecy: her and Torian's bloodlines must never be combined. Armed with this frightening new knowledge, Emariya begins to fear the handsome prince may desire more than to steal her heart, and it will take all of her newfound skills to survive.

Review:  Okay, so I have to admit I started reading this book and saw it was third point and I went like Oh-Oh, because let's face few authors can pull of a third point of view. Well wasn't I surprised, when Kelly Walker totally rocked that point of view and furthemore she totally rocked this book.
    The story is set in what I'm thinking is like the 16oo's in a totally magical world. Emariya is our main heroine. Her family is noble and her mom and dad are basically legend.   To achieve the peace her mother wanted and to rescue her father Riya accepts the marriage proposal from Prince Torian. She now has to travel to a foreign land, avoid being killed, figure out Prince Torian's ulterior motive (if he has one) and settle where her allegiances lie. And most importantly she will have to discover who she is and what role she will play.
   I liked Riya. Sure she was stubborn at times but she was brave and selfless and loyal and calculated. She was a smart heroine who really thought things through instead of just jumping to conclusions. 
    Torian, he came a little late in the novel to my utter disappointment because there really wasn't enough of him. I love this guy. He  is such a gentleman, he was so sweet to Riya and ahhh he was just perfect. That's all I have to say, actually no this is all I have to say" MARRY ME TORIAN!!!!!"
   The plot was  good there were lot's of twists and turns that could keep you guessing but  I guessed the villain the second he was introduced. I never even doubted it. The fact that the unnamed character was evil made so much sense to me that I never bothered to change my opinion. But then I was on pins and needles while reading because I knew who it was and Riya didn't and she kept on guessing the wrong person. There was a moment where I had to go like" Girl, are you for real? Can you drop it with the he is evil talk? I mean come on he's as evil as a fuzzy bunny."That actually I happened I kid you not.
   Either way this was still a fun read and the writing is nothing  short of lyrical.
I give the ever scrumptious Torian.. Whaaaaaaat? this book

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review Cornerstone. I'd be happy to email you a reviewer copy of Second Stone - my email is if you are interested.


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