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Legacy of a Dreamer by Allie Jean

Title: Legacy of a Dreamer
Author: Allie Jean
Published: May 3, 2012 by Writer's Coffee Shop

Blurb from Goodreads: Chantal Breelan is a ward of the state, living under the care of a woman who is cold and heartless. Her past is a mystery, and her future is even more uncertain. She can’t recall why she had been taken from her parents and so she’s left with nothing but an empty hole where her childhood should have been. When she awakens from her nightmares, she’s left with terrible, violent images, as well as a boy whose face is oddly familiar, yet can’t be placed.

Scared and alone, Chantal begins to confide in an imaginary friend – a shadow in the shape of a man who stands in the corner of her room. She is comforted when she believes he listens to her.

On her eighteenth birthday, Chantal is forced to leave her foster home. She moves to New York City, but the start of her new life doesn’t begin as smoothly as she’d hoped. In this environment, she faces a whole new set of challenges.

One night at a subway station, Chantal meets a young boy who runs away from her, and she’s compelled to follow him down into the tunnels. But this Rabbit Hole reveals a world where reality is a nightmare. Her dreams are clues to her future, and her life becomes twisted and dangerous when she learns that things that go bump in the night are not just in fairy tales and childhood stories.

Review: Okay so let's face it the blurb isn't helpful at all.. like I think it confuses you even more. Chantal is your typical eighteen year old orphan who has been haunted by terrible nightmares ever since she can remember. Her only source of solace was a mysterious shadow she names Nick, who she talks to in her mind about her nightmares. Even though he never replies she likes the idea that someone is there to help her through her nightmares. Now she is living alone in a studio in New York trying to piece her life together and make something out of herself. But little does she know her life is a bout to take a spiral into a world where nightmares aren't just nightmares but prophesies of a very real and frightening future.
    After you get past the first few chapters and figure out what the story is actually about, this novel is an amazing read. It's such a different take on.. should I say it? Yeah I guess I will, it's not even a spoiler..it's such a different take on angels that I was so pulled into the story.
    Chantal was in a way a typical heroine. Life made her hardworking and humble and she nice to everyone she meets. She stands up for the innocent and I loved that trait in her. It's hard to describe her she was definitely a strong heroine but she had a softer and a weaker almost fragile side. She definitely had some of the typical Mary-Sue traits  but she didn't suffer from TSTL syndrome so it's all good.
   Mathias.. well, now that's a hottie. I loved him. He was protective and I loved how he tries to put his feelings for Chantal aside because there were more important things. He was just an awesome love interest that's all I'm saying about him I don't want to give anything away.
    Definitely pick up this book if you like a paranormal novel with action and even a bit of romance, but romance is not the main focus of this book just saying it's there but it definitely takes a step back to the plot.

     I give this novel 

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  1. Thanks for an awesome review! Second book is in the works and expected to come out in Octber. :D


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