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Born in Flames ( Born in Flames Trilogy 1) by Candace Knoebel

Title: Born in Flames ( Born in Flames Trilogy 1)
Author: Candace Knoebel
Published: September 6th, 2012 by 48fourteen
Number of Pages: 259

Blurb from Goodreads: Red mirrored scales race up my arms as the haze of pain blurs my vision. My bones crack, breaking to realign. I scream. It is then that the realization of my unavoidable fate sinks in; I am of a dying race. I am dragon. 

Aurora Megalos, orphaned and teetering on the edge of adulthood, thought finding her past would curb the sting of being an outcast. Having no memories of the time before she awoke on her foster mother’s doorstep, she yearns for the emptiness inside her to be filled. With her fellow orphaned best friend, Fenn, by her side, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But something powerful stirred within her that she couldn’t explain. Something wanted out. 

In the dark of night, a crazed Seer, dubbed Mr.Creepy, erases everything she’s ever known with an impending prophecy. She now faces two paths. Return to her true home to protect a dying race against a growing evil, or stay hidden in the safety of our realm with a shot at a true love. With a vengeful Arch Enemy stopping at nothing to see her dead, she’s running out of time; a decision must be made. What would you choose?

Review: A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
  Okay, so let's face it who doesn't love a good fantasy with dragons and Mages and Fates and a prophesy that may or may not foretell a certain doom? This book basically has the whole package throw in a girl who is determined to survive to make it to the guy she loves and you have a pretty amazing book.
      Aurora "Rory" was an average girl who was just trying to find out who her real parents are and also save enough money to get a car so she can stop taking the bus and dealing with a driver who loves to hate her... no idea why but if there was a list of drivers from hell this guy would top it without a doubt. So when Mr. Creepy foretells a prophesy that she is the center of well Rory is a bit more than shocked.  She was a decent heroine who I'll admit I want to shake a little or a lot at times. I understand why she acted the way she did but she was difficult at times.  However, I liked how she progressed toward the end of the novel.
  Fenn, the best friend or maybe possibly something more? (I'm not telling I was literally on pins and needles trying to figure out how that relationship would end so you can suffer too) When we first met him I thought he was gay. I mean there are so many YA novels out there where the best friend is gay that I almost expected it and being honest I kind of love that but my jaw almost hit the floor when I realized he was straight... and HOT... and pretty charming. So I liked Fenn, once we got to know him better. He was a good friend and well I just wish there was more of him.
   Knoebel managed to create an amazing fantasy world that you couldn't help but be pulled in to. Even though the plot was a little slow picking up in the beginning I enjoyed where it went and how everything summed up.
   Check out this book if you enjoy a story that has kick-ass dragons and a cool heroine.

    I give this novel 


  1. Thank you for the review!!!

  2. Good review. I like how you summed it up. I think Aurora is meant to be difficult from the author's point of view...I mean really, what teenaged girl is NOT difficult?! I too like Fenn, and also found him a bit difficult...again the teenage thing. The way the author describes the scenery in nature and in magic makes you feel like you are there. Sooo looking forward to the release of part 2!!

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    1. Thanks sooo much, I'm going to write a post about it now :)


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