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True Connection ( The Soul Mate Series 1) by Rachel Walter

Title: True Connection ( The Soul Mate Series 1)
Author: Rachel Walter
Published: July 15th, 2013 by Self

Blurb from Goodreads:'It's going to take a fight, I know that. But it's more than just a fight for my life. It's a fight for my soul and my soul mate.'

Jazzy Williams is not your average coffee-loving teen. She's struggling with her grief, her famous uncle’s fans, an overprotective big brother, and a depressed mother, all while trying to make friends at her new school. In the first week, she meets a gorgeous green-eyed hottie who turns out to be more than just some high school crush - he's more than human. And she unknowingly enrages a very dangerous breed of immortal who wants her soul or life as payment. With the help of supernatural friends and protectors, Jazzy thinks she's safe until what remains of her family is put in danger. Does Jazzy have what it takes to save her family, life, soul and soul mate, or will all be lost?
*Warning* Mature Content. This contains some profanity, mild sexual situations, innuendoes, and violence. Recommended for ages 16 and up, depending on maturity level.
Review:  I'm a sucker for soul mate books. So being completely honest I picked this book up because it had a mention of soul mates. I felt really bad for Jazzy in the beginning of the book. She lost so much but she seemed to be holding on okay and I do love that she was a stronger character and wasn't really a "shell" of a heroine. Sure she had those moments where you just want to shake her but let's be honest what heroine doesn't

    Henry was so funny I loved him. His relationship with Jazzy was perfect. Also the fact that I have an older brother and know what that relationship is like made me be able to appreciate their relationship so much more. Granted it may have seemed weird for people who don't have siblings but being a sibling I loved how close they were and to me it just added so much more appreciation to the novel. Also Henry's friends? Those guys were hilarious!!!!!!
    Seth, I was really confused about what he was in the beginning. I went through the usual list: vampire, werewolf, fairy  the usual. I was very surprised with what happened because I really wasn't expecting it. But back to Seth. He was really cute and sweet and treated Jaz so well. He was protective and sensible and while he wasn't that talk your panties off before you know what's even going on type of hero ( Daemon Black I'm looking at you) he was lovable in his own way. I think he's the guy you bring home to meet your parents because he's just so sweet and lovable.
    The villain was predictable, the moment a certain someone was introduced a light went off in my head. This is where the book follows the somewhat typical YA paranormal romance with the villain, so if you read this type of genre often you will most likely see the bug reveal coming from a mile away.
   That little note aside the book was an enjoyable light read that I recommend everyone check out.
I give this novel


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