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Torrential by Eva Morgan

Title: Torrential
Author: Eva Morgan
Published: July 2nd, 2013
Number of Pages: 200

Blurb from Goodreads:When May Young transfers to Rothschild University, her new roommate makes her a startling bet—she'll convince her CEO parents to hire May's struggling mother if May can be the first to warm the heart of Sebastian Crane, their school’s top competitive swimmer. 

Sebastian is gorgeous, genius, and a notorious loner with nothing but ice for anyone who tries to get close, including May—until she's the only one there to rescue him from the ocean when an unexpected injury causes him to nearly drown. Sebastian demands his moment of weakness be kept secret, so May extracts a promise: she'll stay quiet if he agrees to spend the rest of the semester with her and her best friend, charismatic playboy Tanner. 

May's curious, naïve nature begins to soften Sebastian's cold exterior, and soon there's no hiding the heat between them from an increasingly jealous Tanner—or from Sebastian's millionaire father, who doesn't want anything distracting his son. But the closer May gets, the more she realizes that Sebastian’s teetering on the edge. He’s in a losing battle with his inner demons, and May finds herself unable to pull away—despite her personal vow never to fall in love, and despite the fact that her roommate’s motives might be just as dark as Sebastian’s past.

*Some scenes not suitable for younger readers

Review: When it comes to New Adult most books follow a similar pattern. A shy, sometimes damaged innocent girl falls for the playboy, popular, campus manwhore guy, and makes him realize that his promiscuity is not what he should want from life. The End. This book was so different from that and the novel itself could only be described as real.
  May is a girl who doesn't believe in love after her father walked out on her. She stays away from guys and anything love related. However, when she meets the loner  Sebastian she can't help but be drawn to him. She tells herself it's because no one should be that alone and tells others its because of a bet she made with her roommate.
   Sebastian was such a damaged, tortured soul. After the first chapter from his perspective I just wanted to give this guy a bear hug. He really needed one. He carried so many tragic memories and he blamed himself for so much that his pain was a tangible item in the book. After learning his story it wasn't hard to understand his ice cold exterior and why he keeps everyone away with a 10ft pole. He needed healing so badly and I loved that our beloved stubborn May was able to push her way through and into his heart. She chipped away at his icy exterior and made him realize that he can't carry all that blame.
   I simply love their relationship it shows what love does at it's finest. Love can heal wounds and seal scars when it's done with the right reason. We see it here perfectly. May carried hatred for love over what happened to her mother and Sebastian would't let anyone near to help him with the pain he was suffering.  The fact that  they healed each other was so perfect and I really loved it.  
  Tanner was great and I would really like a friend like him. However, Sebastian's father I wanted to hit... in the face... with a chair... repeatedly. He was such an a**whole. I wish he would just die in a tragic accident. Is that too much to ask for? That would be the perfect ending.
   Speaking of endings that's the one things I'm not happy with. What gives? That's it? I think there should be a second book it seems very un-happily ever after.

   I give this novel 

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