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Ceaseless by Abbi Glines ( Existence Trilogy 3)

Title: Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy 3)
Author: Abbi Glines
Published: September 18, 2012

Blurb from Goodreads: Can he make her fall in love with him… again? 

When Pagan Moore proved worthy of Death’s devotion, he was given the gift of getting to keep her. 

But Dank was never promised that Pagan would keep him.

When a soul is created, so is its mate. In every lifetime those souls find each other. They complete the other’s destiny. It’s time for Pagan’s soul to choose if she truly wants an eternity at Death’s side or if she wants the mate created just for her. 

Dank didn’t think he had to worry about her choice. He knew where her heart belonged. Until he realized that every kiss, every touch, every moment of their time together would be washed from her memories. He would have to win her heart all over again and prove to her soul that he was where she belonged. 

If only her soul’s mate wasn’t right there standing in his way.

Review: My reaction after reading the blurb was something resembling shock, desperation, hatred, anger, unadulterated rage, fury, and yeah some other emotions I don't have a name for. Like really I love Pagan and Dank so much so seeing Dank suffer almost made me flip. Also I hate love triangles. That's like my biggest pet peeve. I mean seriously the chick should just decide who she wants and not torture the males. Its not fair towards them. However, the love triangle her was one I approve. Since Pagan didn't remember Dank it made sense for her to have feeling for someone else. Also beyond that it wasn't even a love triangle. When Pagan was with Dank she was only interested in Dank. There was no going and hooking up with some other guys and trying to decide who she wants to be with. She was with Dank and that was that. Then something would happen she would fight with Dank and then she would become friends with Jay. Notice I don't say date. They didn't date it was like they were friends but they weren't a good couple. They were boring in every way and Pagan knew that which is why she didn't push a relationship. 
   Okay so I actually really liked Pagan in this book. She was determined and she knew what she wanted and she really went for it. She wasn't weak and she was actually kind of fun. Gee was hilarious I loved that girl. She was the source of comic relief and it was great.
   Dank was Dank. Amazing in every way. I felt really bad when he was trying to win Pagan back because you could feel how much he needed her and how deeply he was in love with her. She was his everything and without her he would feel nothing and be nothing. When they were together it was great. Like I said before they were a great couple. 
    The ending was just heart warming and it gave me like that warm fuzzy feeling and put a really big. goofy smile on my face. What can I say? I'm a total sucker for a happily ever after.

  I give this epic finale 

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