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Charity Rising by DeAnna Kinney

Title: Charity Rising (Charity, 2)
Author: DeAnna Kinney
Published: September 1, 2012
Number of Pages: 300

Blurb from Goodreads: In this fast-paced, two-part sequel Charity is finally settling into her new role as alpha female to the Drake pack. With Prom and Graduation approaching, this should be the best time of her life, but something is wrong with Levi—dangerously wrong. With his odd behavior growing daily and her now blackening connection symbol, Charity is spurred into action. It’s a race against time, and any delay could result in the death of the only man she can ever love. Can she save him in time? If so, will their undying love and a stronger-than-ever heart connection be enough to withstand the damage created? 

This installment in the Charity Series is fully loaded with everything from unlikely alliances, battles and romance, to humor, mystery, and even betrayal, as well as a few other surprises along the way. You have officially been warned.

Review: First I would like to thank the awesome DeAnna Kinney for giving me the chance to read and review her book. Now on to the actual review. This book was both similar and different from the first. Just like in the first book we have the toe-curling romance, the edge of the seat suspense and some pretty funny nicknames... ( Fido you know what I'm talking about :) ) However, in Charity rising things are taken to the next level. The romance is a bit hotter, the suspense.... is well a bit more suspenseful, also the stakes are much higher in this book and some of the things revealed will literally make your jaw drop. 
    Levi and Charity are as cute as ever. Well, there was the whole issue with Levi acting crazy ,but that gets an amazing resolution and after that Levi and Charity are just the cutest couple. My one and only issue with this book was how Charity acted at times. I mean don't me wrong I love her but at times she was a bit childish and immature. I  love and respect the fact that the author chose to keep her behavior steady and didn't pull one of those changes where the reading thinks the character got a brain transplant.However, there were times when Charity could have been more serious. Besides that one little flaw Charity was an amazing character. She really stood up in this book and fought for what she thought was right and what she believed in. 
   Overall this is a great sequel that no devoted paranormal romance reader should let slip by without reading.

   I give this book 


  1. Can't wait to read it!

    1. Definitely do read it, it's a great book!!!


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