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Fate's Path ( The Destiny Series 2) By Deborah Ann

Title: Fate's Path (  The Destiny Series 2) 
Author: Deborah Ann
Published: April 28, 2013 by Destiny Publishing-Hester
Number of Pages:  480

Blurb from Goodreads:When fate’s curse sweeps upon Danielle and Cayden, the secrets behind their destiny begin to be revealed…

Will they be able to fight the darkness seeping in and swaying them, or give in to the power and passion of their all-consuming love, risking Cayden’s pure soul and crossing them to the dark side…?

Separated by miles for the first time, and Cayden’s premonitions warning him of the life threatening danger Danielle is in, Cayden is desperate to get back to her, but suffers an unfortunate accident in route, landing him in a hospital bed, unconscious, and leaving Danielle vulnerable. 

When Danielle’s parents force her to leave Cayden’s bedside and return to school, she is befriended by a new student. But Parker is no ordinary new student, he is one of the vampire twins that have been torturing Danielle in her thoughts, day and night, the boys she suspects are coming after her to avenge their parent’s death. Question is, is Parker the protector, of the two, or the predator? Only time will tell…

The Destiny Series is a sweet and intoxicating fairy tale romance with a paranormal twist.

Destiny has set their path, now fate will challenge them with another…

Come share their journey, as Danielle and Cayden continue to discover the power of their love, and fight to protect each other and the life they were destined for…

*** I would like to thank Deborah Ann who provided me with and e-ARC in exchange for my honest review***
Okay, so let's face it after that killer cliffhanger at the end of the first book we were all cursing the author of this baby to write faster. Good thing we didn't have to wait to long and the follow up surely doesn't disappoint if anything I found it much more enjoyable than the first book.
       The beginning was a little slow and I though I was going to have to smack Dani around a little for going on about how her life has no purpose without Cayden,  to her defense Cayden is pretty amazing so I wold miss him too, but she cleared up her act before I even got a really strong urge to want to strangle her. I have to say this girl matured. She made her own sacrifices, choices and dealt with her own consequences. It was amazing to see that transformation from the first book, where she wasn't the most rational character. Dani really surprised me here  and I liked it. She really stepped it up and became a heroine we can admire.
     Cayden a.k.a the sweetest guy on the planet... was great as usual, well okay he was great for the mast part there were times where I wanted to kick him ( just a little) for making Dani upset but luckily his brother set him straight. Other than that Cayden was absolutely lovable and swoon worthy and just perfect. Like seriously where can I get my own Cayden?
     The plot picked up A LOT. While in the first book romance was our major focus and there really wasn't too much going on, this book was filled with action and twists and turns. It was great!!!! I never knew what to expect. The bad guys were actually bad and scary and there was also minor drama within the supporting characters and the plot was just very expertly developed.
    So overall this book is much more developed than the first and I really enjoyed it. OH! Also before I forget this book probably has the coolest take on vampires. ( Yep it's even cooler that Edwards disco ball skin :)
    I give this sequel 

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