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The Light of Asteria ( Kailmeyra 1)by Elizabeth Isaacs

Title: The Light of Asteria (Kailmeyra 1)
Author: Elizabeth Isaacs
Published: March 22, 2012 by iUniverse
Number of Pages: 380

Blurb from Goodreads:If Nora Johnson hadn't been on campus that day she would have never known her true destiny. Helping her friends move into the dorm that she wanted to call home, Nora accidentally collides with mysterious stranger, Gavin Frey. His very first touch sends flames through her heart. The world seems different-something within her has changed. Nora tries to resume her mundane life, but she is now consumed with the one whose very presence ignited her soul, the one with eyes of emerald. Nora soon learns that an energy buried deep within has been unleashed. She now wields unimaginable power and has become Gavin's source, his strength.

Her newfound joy is shaken when she discovers that Gavin is not who he appears to be and she has been thrust in the middle of a war of mythical proportions. Negativity has allowed all things evil to flourish, the earth is under siege. The fate of creation hinges on the power within her heart. Will she be strong enough to survive?

A gripping tale of unbounded love and ancient power, The Light of Asteria will take you on an epic adventure filled with war, treachery, and demons, as well as unimaginable delights.

Review:  I read this story a while ago and never bothered to write a review so when I re-read it today I remembered just how much  I love this story and just how beautifully written it is. For me this was the ideally written story. We have a great heroine, a prince charming type of hero and a love story that just makes your heart melt.
   Nora is definitely one of my favorite heroines. She is so pure and selfless and just loving. There are heroines that question everything and have a double motive for everything. That's not Nora. Nora's only intent is to protect those she loves. It was great to see how she was willing to do anything to avoid conflict and how willing she was to own and attempt to fix her own mistakes. Another thing I loved about her is that she was a strong personality but she wasn't the heroine that opposed the male hero in everything he says. I mean sure we want to strong female  but not to the point where the heroine makes a big deal out of anything the male hero says. That's why I loved Nora she was willing to bend and let Gavin have his way realizing he had a bit of an alpha personality. That doesn't mean she's weak it just mean she loves him so much she wants to avoid conflict.  I loved everything about Nora she was great.
   Gavin was such a gentleman and he was so sweet and so understanding and he was just great in every single way. I mean sure he was a bit  bossy at times and he did make some mistakes but Nora was the only thing that mattered to him. For her he would move mountains. He was great for Nora in every way. Now that means a lot because Nora is one of those perfect girls that are like angels incarnate so it means a lot for me to say that Gavin without a doubt deserved her.
     The best part of this book was the love between Nora and Gavin. It was just so real and pure and selfless and just perfectly written. You could feel how much they mean to each other and it was great seeing everyone else in  the clan realize how rare and perfect their love is.
    I loved all of the side minor characters. They were supportive and so important to the story that without them I'm pretty sure this book wouldn't be half as good. Let me just tell you if I ever met Rena I would like give her the biggest bear hug because she was such a great friend to Nora.
   So in short go get this book you won't regret it for a moment.

  I give this book 
Also check out the trailer for this book :)

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