Thursday, June 2, 2016

Royal Obsession (Royal 3) by Megan Moldonado

Title: Royal Obsession (Royal 3)
Author: Megan Moldonado
Number of Pages:356

Everything comes with a price… 
For Carmella Woods, daughter of the prestigious and highly favored Lord Woods, feeling caged is no novelty. Her entire life has been designed in the hopes to make her fit, to adapt to what her parents perceive as respectable, honorable. Not doing so has high, unthinkable consequences. Consequences she has faced in the past, and has lost the fight against in the present. 
Doing her best to be an obedient daughter and keep her essence—her spark—has proven quite difficult, especially since the favored her father praises are nothing more than a group of superficial bigots. 
Until Derek Warren reenters her life. 
Gorgeous, egocentric Derek Warren. Womanizing, dangerous Derek Warren. 
After being fiercely rejected by Prince Derek, Carmella can hardly glance at him without feeling enraged. Though that quickly changes as her life is swooped into a whirlwind, with the prince at the center of the chaos—of the blaze. A link to who she truly is. 
In a battle between past and present, truth and lies, Carmella must decide whether to fight the licks of flame that threaten to consume her, or embrace them.

Review:     *** A copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***
    We got a glimpse of Carmella and Derek in the first novel and I was immediately intrigued, so I'm very glad they received their own story.
   Carmella was in incredible character, where in the first novel I didn't agree with the heroine on multiple occasions, here I simply adored Carmella. She was tough, dedicated, aware, and basically just a superb human being. I enjoyed reading her story and she was an incredible heroine.
  Derek. Kind of wanted to smack him a little bit. He's an incessant flirt which was a little annoying but he was just so not aware of the consequences and effects his actions have. At the beginning of the novel we learn that he had deeply hurt Carmella, and you would think he would at least have an inkling that what he did wasn't exactly nice. However, he had no idea and continued to be stubborn throughout the novel. He did have his positives that made me like him, but still Derek stop being so Derek-ey.
   Amanda, she's so lovable she has to have her own paragraph. She is n adorable munchkin. That is all.
  I loved that we got a significantly deeper view into the paranormal world and I really enjoyed how the plot developed and progressed, up until the end. That cliffhanger...  I really don't know what to say, I desperately looked for more pages reloaded my kindle thinking maybe something had malfunctioned, but no this ending is not as hair tearing frustrating as the first... but is still really painful.
   I enjoyed the novel, the writing was good and easy to follow, the characters were relatable and (for the most part, looking at you Derek) very likable.


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